About Founder

My Local Business Pro is all about helping businesses thrive in their markets with lasting growth and market leadership. We understand that businesses must be optimized to grow and succeed. But it’s not just one major segment that must be focused for optimization to become a market leader. Instead, all segments like positioning, branding, marketing, sales, and operations must go through efficient and effective optimizations.

It’s something our founder, Duarte Gouveia realized more than three decades ago when the fact that 80% of businesses were failing in North America made him ponder and take action. It appeared to him that focusing only on the operation side of the businesses wasn’t fulfilling the requirements of succeeding and leading in the market. Rather, businesses needed careful and robust actions on the frontend that consisted of market positioning, branding, sales, and marketing.

Only through the coordination of these four processes creates a reliable lead generation system which is of paramount importance for sustainable business growth and market leadership.

The troubling scenario where 80% of businesses were failing miserably hit Duarte hard. He knew it wasn’t just businesses that failed as entities. Rather people were going down with their life savings and most importantly, their hopes. So, Duarte took it seriously and put all his expertise into changing that scenario. Turning that statistic around became his personal mission. In other words, it’s that passionate endeavor of his that we, at My Local Business Pro, today, follow as an oath while carrying out our business improvement services. We believe that Duarte’s experience of more than three decades has strengthened our business programs so much that they possess the transformative power required to make our customers the market leaders.

The belief in the transformative power of our business optimizing services gives us our mission. Our mission is to help people succeed and become market leaders with their businesses. We ensure that our holistic and robust approach enables the success of the five pillars of business: positioning, branding, marketing, sales conversion process, and operations. Working appropriately on each of these segments improves businesses to gain the competitive advantages to stand out in the crowd.

Following our formula ensures you become the market leader within your business vertical. 91% of franchises succeed in North America following the exact same methodologies that we do. The success of our customers are aligned with our vision, which is improving lives through successful business ownership.

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