About Founder

Mr. Duarte Gouveia

Welcome to the world of Duarte Gouveia, a seasoned business consultant with over two decades of industry experience. With a profound background in Lean Six Sigma and Business Management, Duarte is a dedicated professional who has made significant contributions to the realm of business strategy and leadership.

Authorship & Expertise

Duarte Gouveia is not only a practitioner but also a prolific author. In 2023, he released his latest book, “Leads Catcher For Service Businesses.” This publication showcases his commitment to sharing valuable insights and actionable strategies with the business community.

A Mission to Empower

Duarte’s mission is clear and compelling: to empower businesses, business owners, and managers on their journey to the next level of success. Whether it’s personal growth in their careers or the expansion and prosperity of their businesses, Duarte is dedicated to making it happen.


Duarte's approach to empowerment revolves around three core pillars:

1.Creating Business Systems

For business owners seeking a better work-life balance, reduced stress, and greater success, Duarte specializes in designing and implementing efficient business systems. These systems streamline operations, enhance productivity, and create a more harmonious work environment.

2.Mentorship & Coaching

Duarte serves as a mentor and coach to business owners and managers across all levels of management. His guidance and expertise are instrumental in developing leadership skills, fostering innovative thinking, and driving business growth.

3. Micro-Franchising

Recognizing the challenges of traditional scaling, Duarte offers an innovative solution—micro-franchising. Small businesses can achieve significant growth without the typical management responsibilities associated with expansion. It’s a path to scalability that opens new doors for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Your Path to Success Begins Here

With Duarte Gouveia as your partner, you gain access to a wealth of knowledge, experience, and a proven track record of transforming businesses and careers. Whether you’re looking to optimize your business systems, receive mentorship, or explore the possibilities of micro-franchising, Duarte is here to guide you on your journey to success.

Join hands with Duarte Gouveia and take the next step toward achieving your business and personal goals.

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